Quick Fix Coaching is the solution if you walk around with thoughts like: “Please take me away from this situation now and tell me what to do so I achieve what I’m longing for.”


So if you are longing for a shortcut that gives you the Passion, the Plan and the Project to success now, this is for you!

LifeSpider System

As the new year approaches, you might, as most people, have a strong motivation for a new beginning. You are eager to use the upcoming holidays to plan what you need to do to implement the changes you want in your life.

I know with certainty that you during our three sessions will move away from frustration, confusion, and lack of clarity about where you are going and find the passion, the project and the plan that ensures your success.

The Quick Fix Coaching is your chance to do what you need to do, to be able to look back on December 2016 with a smile, realizing how amazing you turned the limitations, frustration and confusion into a clear passionate vision for your future.

This could be a month of December you will remember as the time when you once and for all found your passion, clarified your direction, and realized your desires into successful projects.



1. Are prepared on three very effective coaching sessions where you will be exposed to my absolute best qualities as a coach that will guarantee you results.

2. Allow me to step into my unmerciful sharp eye to avoid wasting time on “old patterns and blockages” to nail what needs to change.

3. Agree to become dazed and leave our first session with a plan that you in our second session proudly will announce you have implemented.


My personal goal with this Quick Fix Coaching is to get you on the right path so I can add you to my list of “The most successful coaching sessions in 2017”.


PRICE $675 

You will get three sessions of 45 minutes each that will change your life for just $675. I’m pretty sure that you can’t cope with more than 45 min/sessions and you will not have enough time to carry out more activities than the ones we reach during this time.



Additionally (if needed), you will get methods, tools and strategies of my Self Leadership Coaching Program that will help you to manifest your unique change forever.


The number of clients for the Quick Fix Coaching is limited to 5 so if you want to jump onboard respond now, and let us schedule our first sessions.

So if you really feel and know that this is perfect for you, be sure to get in touch with me today.


This will be an unforgettable wonderful exciting challenge for both of us!


P.S. I just love the Quick Fix Coaching because it’s super fun to shake the clients and immediately get to see them takeoff to new heights they never thought possible! 🙂