What is Ission®? It is the level of awareness beyond mission and vision. It is the expansion of your skills, goals, desires, and your very being so that they have immediate universal impact.

Our Ission® is to develop the individual so that every person on the planet can freely show and share their own “divinity”. As the individual develops, he or she gains the capacity to reach out to others in a way that calls forth the divine essence in everyone they touch.

The divinity present in each individual is mass. Intimacy increases the attraction between the mass of individuals, and an accelerating expansion is created enabling us to fulfill our Ission®.

When we launch our Ission® and allow it to fly with great intimacy towards individuals that are attracted by our common mass, the attraction that is generated by their mass will accelerate and expand our Ission® to reach and include the individuals that are closely associated with them. In this way, our Ission® will influence individuals that are far away from our direct contact.

Ission® Birgitta Granström & Domenico La Corte Coach Education Sweden 2004



Our vision is that every human being around the globe identifies their own LifeSpider™ and place themselves where their uniqueness contributes to a united world in Passion, Peace and Performance.



Our Mission is to provide creative and innovative teaching, concepts, products and services to implement the LifeSpider System™ in every human around the globe.